Congratulations to Yesudas who won the Kerala State Award for the Best Singer
by Elizabeth Menon

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Congratulations to Yesudas who won the Kerala State Award for the Best Singer

Yesudas wins Kerala State award for the 'Best Singer' for the song, 'Aadittya Kiranangal ...', from the film 'White boys' -- beautiful words of S Ramesan Nair and the music of Ramesh Narayan! But then, if Yesudas doesn't get the award any time, I would say that the real music got ignored, because even a random pick from his songs would be a treat for the listener! And I am reminded of the 'Year 1990' when that perfect beauty of a song, 'Pramada Vanam Veendum' ..., from the film 'His Highness Abdulla', the song that caressed all your senses and more, was not chosen for the National Award and I will never forgive the judging panel -- I am sure all those who love music would agree with me!

'Fifty thousand songs' to his credit and 'Seventy five Summers' behind him, 'Ganagandharvan' Yesudas still makes music that is so perfect in every which way -- words come to life, dancing to his every word and sheer delight to the listener! Quality of a song is proved when one wishes to hear that song time and time again, and the beauty of Yesudas's scintillatingly serene voice let that happen, gliding you to celestial bliss every time -- and 'Aaditya Kiranangal' does that and more and I have heard it so many times already! It is 'Real Music' that is honoured when Yesudas gets an award, and our blessing to share the same world as him, feasting on his beautiful songs! Congratulations to the One who sings in 'God's Voice'!


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