'Post Onam Blues' and its Cure!
by Elizabeth Menon

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'Post Onam Blues' and its Cure!

The State of Kerala had come to a holt for almost two weeks for 'Onam', just as what happens in the West during Christmas or Easter, and now it is slowly getting back to a routine! Weeks of preparation, getting the flowers for 'Athappoo', array of vegetables of all sorts, jaggery, sugar, coconut, obligatory 'Banana chips and 'Sharkkara-varatty, Paayasam,etc, and then ten days of feasting, culminating in the 'Big Day', 'Thiruvonam'! And I believe, these days there is another unavoidable 'fluid stuff' that was unheard of during any festivals like Onam or Vishu in the olden days! But apparently, there was an obscene amount of it, legal and otherwise, flowing into the State from over and across the border, but I only hope that common-sense prevailed!! I bring you few antidotes in the 'Gaandharva voice' to feast your inner soul and to cure the 'Onam Blues'! Enjoy these in ''God's own Voice', as nothing else would do!!

: 'Aaro Kamazhthi vechorotturuli pole...": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEqMN3mrcZQ: Girish Puthencherry, Vidya sagar and of course, the 'Celestial One'

: "Enthum Marannekkam.. enkilum aa raathri ennennum ormmikkum njaan: "Veentum koluthieedaam aa thiriyennu njaan veruthe kothichu poyi... Veentum koluthiyaal aaadythethaavilla" piriyumpol Nee mozhinju... ...": another beautiful song in the Celestial voice, a song that you would love to listen to again and again and still feel wanting! Seductive words of SKT and the soft music by Raveendran in Yesudas's alluring voice takes you to heaven! 'Nostalgia' is the key word and I feel blessed to be able to listen to this piece of heaven at the touch of a button -- but, only the voice of Yesudas can bring out the real beauty submerged in each word!! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrfYdgea_3A : 'Uthsava gaanangal'- vol-3,1985)

: "Mudippookkal vaadiyaalenthomane Ninte Chirippookkal vaadaruthomane...", a song that stops my heart every time I hear it, and quite true for a lot of people out there too! The song of course is seduction at its best by SKT, to the scintillatingly soft music of Raveendran, and the heaven is brought down for you by Yesudas! https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbwbdvVoFxs

: "Chillitta vaathilil vannu nilkkaamo ... melle thurannu tharaamo... melle thurannu tharaamo...": this too is a 'Heart-stopper' -- seduction that pulls at your heart strings! I was hooked the first time I heard it years ago and I couldn't believe that somebody could use such simple words and create something that is so enchanting -- words of K Jayakumar (The one who gave us 'Chandanalepa sugandham', 'Ormmayil kaanunnathee mukham maathram',etc!), caressing all your senses, and the beautifully tempting music of Jerry Amaldev, and when you hear it in the softest voice of Yesudas, it touches your very soul and beyond! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaizB8W_wbU

: "Pushya Raaga Kammalaninju..." from 'Aavanithennal', Yesudas has done the music too for the words of Yousafali Kecheri in this album! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH6gKrv3B04

: The delightful, "Kulichu Kuriyittu kuppivalayittu kummiyadikkaan vaa..."" Yousafali Kecheri's nostalgic words and MSV's music get the Gaandhrva touch that transforms the song into sheer delight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2Naj_qqy4g

: "Paathiraa mayakkathil paattonnu ketten pallavi parichithamallo...", beautiful words of SKT , powerful music of Raveendran and of course, the inimitable voice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFqTNrUNRYU

: Onam is not complete without the magical, "Ennum Chirikkunna Sooriyante Chenkathir innethra dhanyathayaarnnu..."! I think this is the best Onam song fit for any occasion -- Raveendran's inimitable music to SKT's beautiful words, in the Celestial voice that cannot be matched with anything in this world, and I am in heaven and so will all those who listen to this 'Absolute Perfection' in every which way!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anusi9aiu38
And now, the long wait starts for the next year's Celebration!

:Parayoo Nin Gaanathil nukaraatha theninte Madhurima engane vannu..." Meaningful and quite apt words of ONV Kurup and the soft music of Alleppey Ranganath -- ONV Kurup's words ask the question the world over is dying to ask the 'Gaana-Gandharvan': "Parayoo Nin Gaanathil nukaraatha theninte Madhurima engane vannu..."?! ( "Won't you tell us, how your songs got the sweetness of the 'Untouched honey"?!)
He, who sings in God's voice, brings us a piece of heaven every time he sings a song or even when he hums, and we feel blessed! May you reign forever, and be protected in the laps of all the powers divine!

© E Menon



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