Indian Flag is swaying in the wind at the Olympics Village in Sochi, as the 'Ban on India at the Olympics' is lifted!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Indian Flag is swaying in the wind at the Olympics Village in Sochi, as the 'Ban on India at the Olympics' is lifted!

The IOC(International Olympics Committee Executive Board (IOCEB) lifted the ban on the IOA (Indian Olympics Association), during an emergency meeting in Sochi the ban was conferred in December 2012! The IOC reinstated the IOA, following the election of a new board of officials at the IOA's General Assembly on 9 February 2014, observed by an IOC delegation headed by IOC member Robin Mitchell. The IOC observers told the EB members of the IOC that the elections were held in full respect of the recently passed NOC (National Olympics Committee) constitution, which complies with all IOC requirements, including the clause that no person convicted or charge-framed can run for a position within the organisation!

Narayna Ramachandran, President of the World Squash Federation, has been elected as the new President, Rajeev Mehta as the Secretary General, and Anil Khanna as the Treasurer of the IOA. I wish them the very best in their new posts and I hope they would bring in more energy and enthusiasm into the IOA, and of course, take a bit more care of the Athletes, in their training, fitness and sportswear!

It is the first time in Olympic history that a suspension of an NOC (National Olympics Committee) has been lifted during an Olympic Games, with an immediate impact! The three Indian Athletes marched under the Olympic flag during the Opening Ceremony on 7 February 2014, and been competing as 'Independent Athletes', which was a National disgrace! The IOCEB's decision means they can now compete for their Country and walk proudly behind their 'Tri-coloured Indian Flag' at the Closing Ceremony on 23 February! And, none of the commentators at the Sochi Olympics can say that 'Shiva Keshavan, Nadeem Iqbal and Himanshu Takur do not belong to anyone', as they can proudly represent their country now! I only wish that the IOA had held their election much earlier!

Best wishes to our 'Proud Olympians' at Sochi!

© E Menon



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