Child Exploitation and Online Protection!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Child Exploitation and Online Protection!

As more and more people are spending a great deal of time 'Online' these days, sharing information, personal or otherwise, it is important to be aware of the dangers of sharing information online, even if it is password protected! The photos posted online could be appropriated and mistreated by the predators or the pedophiles out there! What I saw last week on face book forced me to write this! I cringed when I saw a couple of photos of babies with no clothes on, posted innocently I am sure! There are plenty of perverts and weirdos out there, for whom any amount of exposed skin on babies and children, especially around the private parts, both front and back, is prime picking, and the innocence of those photos would be the last thing on their disturbed minds! But, I can't comprehend why and how anyone could post naked photos of babies of their own or somebody else's online, as these could be snatched by the pedophiles only to be used inappropriately all babies are cute, but not for those with disturbed minds!

This applies to the photos of children used by the adults as their profile picture these photos could be snatched by the predators, edited and then used inappropriately on different sites with lewd comments! And these children could even be tracked down, leading to child abduction frightening, but one must be be aware of the possibility, though perhaps an improbability! The 'Child Exploitation and Online protection' Centre (CEOP) is a UK based organisation that does National and International tracking down of the pedophiles and sex offenders, collecting data worldwide and providing awareness among parents, teachers,etc. It has been reported only last night that there are places around the world using even very young children to carry out lewd acts, posting the images online!

It is not an ideal world that we are living in and therefore, we must do all we can to protect our babies and children, and it is our duty to make our objection known, if any of us accidentally come across photos of naked babies online or when used for advertising baby products! We must remember that babies and the children have the rights to their privacy, but unable to communicate till they grow up, and it is for the adults to protect their children, online too. So, please do not post naked photos of babies or use photos of your children as your profile picture online! And I do apologise if I ruffled anyone's feathers!

© E Menon



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