Freddie Mercury still Makes News, 22 years after he made his last 'Curtain Call'!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Freddie Mercury still Makes News, 22 years after he made his last 'Curtain Call'!

Documentary on Freddie Mercury, 'The Great Pretender' wins the Emmy Award at the 41st International Emmy Awards in New York on the 25th!

Rhys Thomas made the documentary, released last year as a DVD in the UK, which brings to light the unseen footage showing the greatness of the Musical legend, the 'Mercurial Star'! 'The Great Pretender' covers Freddie's solo career, his recording with Michael Jackson (Not yet released!), personal collections over the years, interviews, etc. Freddie was a Singer, Musician, Lyricist, Record Producer, Pianist, Guitarist, designer, and a lover of cats and the Japanese 'Koi fish', to mention few of his attributes! Freddie made two solo albums, all the songs written by him, 'Mr Bad Guy' and 'Barcelona' 'Mr Bad Guy' was dedicated to his cat 'Jerry' and all the 'Cat lovers in the World'! He also made many singles, including 'The Great Pretender', and released singles from his solo albums: 'Mr Bad Guy' and 'Barcelona', both staying in the charts! He played the piano and the guitar, and in many of the band's songs and his singles he had played the piano and guitar he had composed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' on the guitar. His voice ranged from bass low to soprano high, deep voice reaching to a high-pitched crystal clear voice with diamond hard precision!

He is no more, but his music lives on and I am sure his Mum will be very happy that her son is still up there winning awards!May his Soul Rest in Peace!

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