Remembering Gireesh Puthenchery!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Remembering Gireesh Puthenchery!

Four years of loss for Malayaalees -- Gireesh Puthenchery bid an untimely farewell four years ago on this day, 10 February! His words had a 'Magical Halo' around them and his demise left an irreplaceable void in the music world, especially among the ardent fans who loved every word that came out of his magical pen! He started with ‘Janmantharangale’ in the film ‘Enquiry’ and his magical journey went on to enrich the Film Industry with more than 2500 songs for around 400 films, seasonal and devotional albums, story and screen play for films and has written two books! I always thought his words had lot of similarities with that of Sreekumaran Thampi!

His eternal classics include songs such as Gopike, Sreelavasantham, Amma mazhakkaarinu Kan niranju, Gange, Pinneyum pinneyum, Shaantamee raathriyil,Manassoru Maanthrikakkootu,Doore oru Tharam, Ponnambilippottum thottu, neeyente paattil, etc. His magical odyssey started with the film 'Enquiry', and then, 'Aaraam Thampuran, Nandanam, Chandrothsavam, Raavanaprabhu, Rock and Roll, Kathavasheshan, Goureeshankaram, Agnidevan, Rasathanthram, Krishnagutiyil oru Pranayakaalathu, Narasimham, Hitler, Arayannangalute Veetu, Ee puzhayum Katannu, Achuvinte Amma, Balettan, Vatakkunnaathan, Manassinakkare, Summer in Bethlehem, etc, to Shikkar and Happy Husbands in 2010, around 400 films!

Puthenchery is still creating magic: "...പാർവണങ്ങൾ പടിവാതിൽ ചാരുമൊരു
മനസ്സിൻ നടവഴിയിൽ
രാത്രി നേരമൊരു യാത്ര പോയ
നിഴലെവിടെ വിളി കേൾക്കാൻ
അമ്മേ സ്വയമെരിയാനൊരു
മന്ത്രദീക്ഷ തരുമോ..."

He has received seven State awards and Three Asianet awards, among other accolades. Gireesh Puthenchery's words have the gift of taking his listeners to an imaginary world of their own, be it filled with romance, love, melancholy or sheer pleasure – but Malayaalees will never forget the 'Mizhikalil kurukunna pranayamaam praavinte chirakati', Gopike and 'Hari Muraleeravam', to mention a few! He left us at the peak of his career, leaving Malayaalees longing for more!

My thoughts are with his family! May his 'Colourful Soul' Rest In Peace!

© E Menon



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