Sreekumaran Thampi, Best Lyricist of the Year for the State!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Sreekumaran Thampi, Best Lyricist of the Year for the State!

Congratulations to Sreekumaran Thampi for receiving the Kerala State Award for the Best Lyricist for 2011, for 'Nanayum Nin Mizhiyoram' from the film 'Naayika'! This award was bestowed on him at the award function today at the Senate Hall in Trivandrum in the presence of Chief Minister Mr Oommen Chandy and K B Ganesh Kumar, Minister for Forests & Environment, Sports and Cinema.

The award winning song, 'Nanayum Nin Mizhiyoram' rendered by P.Jayachandran is beautiful. Sreekumaran Thampi's odyssey started with 'Kaattumallika' in 1966 and he has been churning out scintillating songs of varied nature ever since! we should not forget here that there are other splendid songs also in this film, all written by Sreekumaran Thampi, each of which is better than the other, and more than well deserving even National Awards! 'Kasthoori Manakkunnallo' is worth its weight in gold every which way you look at it -- seductive words, exhilarating music from Arjunan Master and the alluring voice of Yesudas; same goes for 'Pazhayoru Rajani than'; and of course then you have the heavenly voice of Chithra bringing us the beautifuly soft 'Nilaavu poloramma' that caresses ones heart strings! It makes you wonder why Arjunan Master was not given the Award for the Best Music Director of the year, which he deserved now, and many times in the past! Chithra and Yesudas deserved the Best singer awards too, for the female and male, respectively, just for this film alone!

It's astonishing that one person could churn out 46 years of sheer magic from his fingertips, each song eclipsing the others, and still only two State awards came his way, first in 1971 for 'Sukhamevite Dukhamevite for the film 'Vilaykku Vaangiya Veena', and the second in 2011, and one wonders why?! But Sreekumaran Thampi always has the most valuable awards of all, 'The People's Award' that has more credibility than all the other awards put together!

I don't think there is any other Lyricist who could stand up and say that his songs from any film are like open books and any one of them could be considered for Awards at any level --and all those who love music would be behind him! All one has to do is 'Just Pick blindly' and you have a winner! What I see is the inability or refusal to appreciate someone who is a cut above the rest of them! But the name 'Sreekumaran Thampi', stands for something and nobody can change that, even the failure to report by the media! But one is talking about it because State and National Awards do count as they go down in history for future generations as the gospel truth, when we or our children are not there to dispute it!

May you reign for ever and let that magic from your fingertips continue to make our days happy and blissful!!

© E Menon



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