Endosulfan: the extremely neurotoxic chemical that must be banned!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Endosulfan: the extremely neurotoxic chemical that must be banned!

What more proof do they need to ban this dangerous and extremely neurotoxic chemical and I wonder why people at the top choose to be so blind! Children are born blind or with multiple defects, adults and children develop various organ defects, skin diseases, blindness, deafness, cancer, nervous disorders, permanent brain damage, and the list goes on! Symptoms of acute poisoning include hyperactivity, tremors, convulsions, lack of coordination, staggering, difficulty in breathing, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and in severe cases, unconsciousness and permanent brain damage.

The deadly poison doesn't just affect the people around the area where it's sprayed, it travels down the waterways, destroying our beautiful rivers and canals, killing the plants and fish -- and finally reach the drinking water causing detrimental diseases and defects among those innocent people who consume the water. It can damage our children; delay their sexual maturity and interfere with reproductive capacity due to its effect on the hormones, thereby, even reaching out to our future generation! And of course, we shouldn't forget the damage it can cause to our Mother Earth.

The use of Endosulfan is banned in Kerala, but that doesn't prevent 'The vegetable trafficking' from the neighbouring States reaching our kitchens! Endosulfan is liberally used on Cashew nuts, Coffee, Corn, Cardamom, Curry leaves (Kari Veppila), Bitter gourd (Paavaykka), Grapes, Capsicum (Peppers), Apples, Strawberries, Spinach, cherries, Peaches, Green beans,Apricot, Cucumber, etc.

I hope the consumers enquire about the source of their vegetable before buying. The best thing to do is to buy organic vegetables that are cultivated without the use of any pesticides and if these are not available, consider avoiding these, or, it may be a good idea to take added precaution and wash them well before use, if you decide to buy them – scrub the firm fruits and potatoes with a brush, discard the outer leaves of cabbage and lettuce and wash them well under running water! And of course, there is even a better method -- to grow your own vegetables and fruit if possible – most of the vegetables can be grown in pots or growing bags, or in your back garden if you have the space!

We all know how the unfortunate people in Bhopal suffered and still suffering -- very little was done for them! Let's take a strong stand to ban the production of this deadly chemical, Endosulfan, and it's use on our planet! I fail to understand why the lead politicians are turning a blind eye to the devastating ill effects of this neurotoxic poison on our people, environment and our future generations!

Let’s hope there is global ban on its use and manufacture. Geneva Convention is in progress and one hopes that the countries taking part in it decide to ban this neurotoxic chemical globally and stop its use and production immediately.


29 April 2011: I am glad that the Geneva convention has finally decided to ban this globally -- it's banned, but India's demand for 11 years to implement it is far too long - think of the thousands of people who would be affected and the damage it can cause to our future generation and the environment during that time!

The ban must take effect from now, as an emergency declaration, and the formalities can be put in place later on!

© E Menon



voices like yours were heard by geneva convention leading to banning endosulfan. keep it up. kevin
06/29/2011 - 23:42
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