Manassa Vaacha Karmmana
by Elizabeth Menon

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Manassa Vaacha Karmmana

To achieve a goal in life is what most people aspire. Therefore it is paramount that one has a goal or focus in life, without which life has no real meaning. It is very easy to drift through life, quite laid back in situations saying, ‘I am comfortable’. One should stop and reassess the situation, asking, ‘Shouldn’t I have more commitment?’ It is not enough just to say ‘I am minding my own business without troubling anyone and therefore no hindrance to society’. One could argue that it is a selfish act or lack of compassion if it does not involve lending a helping hand where needed.

Self-realisation through control of the mind can be achieved in many ways. One has to come to terms with the three faculties of man; Emotion, Words and Action (Deed) or one could describe them as ‘Manassa, Vaacha, Karmana’. The combination of all three or the implementation of these will help us in obtaining our goal. The three faculties working in harmony can only result in the desired effect. Once this is attained, accepting the others or others’ viewpoints become easy, lack of which could explain the escalating troubles all over the world.

Emotionally charged situations can make even the most rational human being behave in an irrational manner or similarly, illness of self or the dear ones can lead to totally unexpected behaviour. All these only prove that complete harmony of our faculties is essential in self-realisation and to stay in the right path in achieving our goal in life. Having a goal or focus in life, be it a person, God or an institution, will provide us with the right motivation. There are many ways of measuring up to the focus; trying to please, emulate or avoiding things that may not fit in with the ideals of our focus may be a few of them.

Our elders have told us, “Think before you say anything”. How many of us put this into practice, knowing that it is true? One has to be aware of the difference in the impact of each of these faculties, the thought process leading to the words and the action that follows. We should have control over our emotions and thoughts or learn to control them before they enslave us. One should always remember that the ‘Said words’, the ‘Written words’ and the ‘Done deeds’ can not be taken back and therefore, it is important to think before doing any of these; each has different outcome in any given situation. It is easy to blame alcohol, illness or unfortunate incidents to justify one’s behaviour, or the recipients may be even kind enough to justify the actions of others blaming it on something else!

A bit of compassion, common sense and understanding of fellow beings may be all that we need to solve the problems that we face in the world today. Once we have compassion in our hearts, the rest is easy! We have seen mass killings in Gujarat, Palestine, Israel and the United States, where innocent people are suffering due to this. Disharmony of our three faculties, the inability to communicate with others, lack of compassion or empathy towards fellow beings and the fear of those whose views are different from our own, hold key to the devastation that we see before us. Let’s hope and pray for harmony, peace and better understanding of one another.

© E Menon



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