by Elizabeth Menon

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That special time of the year, time for dazzling music and pure white cotton laced with a hint of gold, is fast approaching! July 2000 brings the inimitable celestial wonder amidst us! Padmasree Dr K J Yesudas is performing at Logan Hall in London, on July 22. It will be an evening of classical music and celestial blessing! Three long years of waiting would come to an end for his ardent fans when our ‘Gandharvan’ appears: an evening worth waiting for! Logan Hall is in for a big surprise when all the seats would be taken and I have no doubt that his fans will make it happen. This will be the golden opportunity for us to join in his 60th Birthday celebrations, though a belated one! The tickets can be purchased from Mr Bharrathann, Shruthy Laya Shangham, 0181 778 068.

By E Menon
(Published in Kerala Link)

© E Menon

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Published in Kerala Link



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