Another Brilliant Facet In Our Celestial Jewel
by Elizabeth Menon

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Yesudas in Latin, English and Sanskrit !

He has done it again; entering new territories and capturing millions of devoted fans worldwide. Yesudas has dominated the Classical Carnatic Music, while reigning as the 'uncrowned King' of light music for almost four decades in Kerala. Now, he has reached across the globe to sing in Latin, English and Sanskrit, all in one album, first of its kind. 'Ahimsa' is his first album in English, to welcome the Millennium. There are nine songs in this album: Ahimsa, Miserere karuna, Gitangali, Hari, Atta Appu, Sari Sari, Circle of return, Beauty all around and Nirahamkara. He has performed the title track from the album 'Ahimsa' to an estimated worldwide audience of over a billion, at the 'Music for Peace' concert in Paris, on November 14, 1999. It is ironic that his first Malayalam song was recorded 38 years ago, on a November 14th, 'Children's Day' in India, our beloved Chacha Nehru's birthday. Yesudas's powerful voice is quite enchanting in this album, to say the least.

(The music can be heard on the internet site at ''; solarwind music presents the album, 'Ahimsa'.)

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