Venu Nagavally Remembered Today, 9 september 2015
by Elizabeth Menon

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Venu Nagavally Remembered Today, 9 september 2015

Venu Nagavally left us five years ago and it was end of an era! He was an Actor, Film Director, Script Writer and a singer, but for most Malayaalees, the name 'Venu Nagavally, is synonym to a melancholic persona, due to his perfect acting in the many roles he had portrayed in films! But the films he had directed, starting with 'Sukhamo Devi' in 1987, to 'Bharya Swantham Suhurthu' in 2009 are still discussed and admired for their quality! His films will never be dated, and they are still vibrant -- 'Sukhamo Devi', Rakthasaakshikal Sinthaabaad, Laal Salaam, Aey Auto, Sarvvakalaashaala, Agni Devan, Kizhakkunarum Pakshi, Ayitham and Kalippaattam, etc! Venu was a good singer too, but many people didn't know this! He loved singing Yesudas's songs and I remember him singing 'Maanikya Veenayumaayen ..' so beautifully!

His debut in films was as a singer in 'Chottanikkara Amma' (1976) by singing the Mythological sloka, 'Manikya veenaamupalaalayantheem ...', written by Kalidasa, and the music was by RK Sekhar (AR Rahman's father) But he made his acting debut in KG George's 'Ulkkadal' in 1978 as Rahul, the tragic hero, and Shobha was the leading lady! The film 'Shalini Ente Koottukaari' followed and the name 'Venu Nagavally' was on everyone's lips!

It was Venu's films that brought 'Super Stardom' to Mohanlal -- 'Sukhamo Devi, Aye Auto, Sarvakalasala, Agni Devan, Lal salam, Raktha Saakshikal Sinthabad, Kizhakkunarum Pakshi, Ayitham and Kalippaattam'. Venu was brilliant at everything he did, be it acting, directing films or script writing, he did it rather well! One doesn't need anything else to vouch for his brilliance in writing, but the film 'Kiluukkam', which is a 'University' in itself for script writing! Venu Nagavally will always be remembered as a great film Director, a complete Actor, and above all, a kind and loving friend to all who knew him! My thoughts are with his wife, Meera and son, Vivek and the other family members. May his gentle soul Rest in Peace!

'Ente kadinjool pranayakathayile -ONV and MBS -'Ulkkadal'(1978)-
'Himashila saikatha: Shalini Ente Koottukaari':
'Anuraagini itha En Karalil virinja pookkal- Poovachal Khader and Johnson from 'Oru Kudakkeezhil'91985):
'Sharabindu Malardeepanaalam neetti ...Ulkkadal(1978) P Jayachandran and Selma George:

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