Friday the 13th and the Anarchy in Kerala Assembly!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Friday the 13th and the Anarchy in Kerala Assembly!

Anarchy in Kerala Assembly that brought real shame to all those who believe in Democracy and Justice, more so for selecting those MLAs! The electorate expect decent behaviour from their elected members, which also includes showing respect towards the most revered place in a democratic country, the Assembly or the Parliament, and what took place in the Assembly on this Friday desecrated the very foundation of democracy! It is imperative that those responsible must be punished! This kind of disgusting behaviour by the elected members of the Assembly, both the ruling party and the opposition, warrants nothing but dissolution of the Assembly, as they do not deserve to hold their positions!

I felt ashamed today watching the violence and vandalism from the Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) while in session on a Budget day! It was total anarchy in Kerala Assembly on the Budget Day, when the selected members behaved like hooligans, bringing total shame on Kerala that is hailed as 'God's own Country' and the one with 100% Literacy Status! And there were processions leading to violence, vandalism and destruction of public property on the streets of Trivandrum following which the police were forced to use force to bring in law and order!

'Black Friday' and the eternal tarnish over Democracy could have been avoided if Mr K M Mani, the State's Finance Minister had stepped down on his own or the Chief Minister had asked him to step down, following the corruption allegations on a massive scale were brought in against the Minister, as it would have been the right thing to do in a democratic country, at least while the allegations were being investigated! The guilty must be punished whoever they are, even if they hold high offices, which would set a good precedent or a giant step towards ending the great cancer in our society, the corruption and taking money for favours done! The Kerala Government must take the blame for allowing the situation to continue that lead to such atrocities to happen in the State, or for not taking the right action at the appropriate time -- the Government's new Budget, which was announced today by Mr K M Mani, or rather attempted to announce in the Assembly today, bringing in tax for commodities like rice, rava, sugar, coconut oil, etc, would be the last nail in its coffin!

Democracy and the 'Temple of Democracy' were desecrated today by the elected Members of Kerala Assembly and this Budget Day would go down in Kerala's History as 'Black Friday', tarnishing Kerala and the Democracy forever! Meanwhile, the electorate has no choice, but hang their heads in shame for choosing these people who behaved like hooligans, and I hope sensibility and common sense would prevail in future!

Update on the above:

I support women, and always stood for gender equality and protection for women and children, but the interpretation of the atrocities that took place in our Assembly on 'Black Friday' forces me to say a few words! Yes, women must be protected, but these 'Women' are elected members of the Assembly just like all the other male members who should treat each other with respect, and there is no need for special privileges, especially when they join the other members in violent activities such as pushing and pulling which were seen by the Electorate and millions of people around the globe as it happened! If they had behaved as any respectable MLA should have behaved, remain seated in their respective seats, allowing the security men to deal with the hooliganism, their dignity would have been upheld! I am a doctor and I do not expect any special treatment when I am operating or working anywhere else in the hospital because I am a woman -- I am expected to do my work and like to be treated just like any male colleague! And this applies to all at their workplaces and everyone is expected to show dignity and respect towards each other.

What happened in the Assembly on that day was a totally undignified and disgusting display of uncouth behaviour by both genders, and interpreting any part of that as 'Female harassment', though it may appear to be thus in an isolated incident, is unjustifiable in this context as it resulted in only because of their collective behaviour, and not gender oriented! Sadly, it was plain 'Hooliganism and Uncouth Behaviour from the Elected Members of the Assembly', desecrating 'Democracy' and the 'Temple of Democracy' on that Friday which would go down in history as 'Kerala's Black Friday'! I hope this serves as an eye-opener for the electorate for next time when they decide to vote for their representatives in the Assembly or the Parliament, while hanging our heads in shame for now, having elected these men and women!

© E Menon



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