Rishi Raj Singh IPS is moved yet again!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Rishi Raj Singh IPS is moved yet again!

Rishi Raj Singh IPS is transferred to the 'Anti Power Theft Squad' of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)

It was only on 8 July, that I said, "Rishi Raj Singh IPS, No More the Commissioner of Transport, but 'The Saviour of our Women and Children'', but that didn't last long! But, just as he was about to start looking for the missing children or the trafficking, he was moved again on 5 September, just within few weeks in the new post! He is transferred to the 'Anti Power Theft Squad' of the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), and he didn't waste any time in finding the stolen 73 lakhs worth of electricity in just one day! But, I just wonder how the theft of electricity went undetected before his arrival!

An upright officer like Rishi Raj Singh is being treated abominably by the too frequent moves -- from 'Transport' to 'Nirbhaya' and now to the Electricity board, all within few weeks, but different departments get cleaned up in the bargain!! Perhaps the 'Unscrupulous' out there must be running scared by his efficiency and the uprightness, forcing his move! I believe that wherever Rishi Raj Singh is, that becomes the 'Head of the Table", and his presence in any department would make it run most efficiently and corruption and laziness would be a 'Thing of the past'! Therefore, these moves may be a blessing in disguise, though not an ideal or a just situation for an officer like him! RRS is only doing his job, rather well at that and he does it without looking at the faces, as all criminals are equal in his eyes. I hope that the other officers in all departments take a leaf out of his book, to be brave enough to do the same -- what India needs is more officers like him!

Best wishes to Rishi Raj Singh in his new post, but, perhaps not for long, as there are some people out there who are experts at pulling strings even better than a puppeteer who works the puppets!! But the people of Kerala should feel blessed, knowing that there is someone like Rishi Raj Singh looking out for their welfare cleaning up the mess for them, whether it is safety on the roads, safety of women and children or saving electricity so that their children can study without the power-cuts, and I am sure, one could expect many more incarnations/Avtars of the 'Regal Lion King'!

© E Menon



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