Fourth of August: 'AFMC Day' Celebrations!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Fourth of August: 'AFMC Day' Celebrations!

'Happy AFMC Day' to all!

'Fourth of August' is always a special day for all AFMCites, past and present, wherever they are, sharing love and respect for 'AFMC', a Temple of a Medical College' that produces the best doctors and citizens of the world – 'August 4th' is 'AFMC Day', celebrated around the world by the AFMCites! We grew up during those five years in AFMC, learning everything from scratch, as we were all so green when we joined and it was the first time that most of us were away from home -- even those who had homes nearby had to be residential, which made us feel that AFMC was home away from home, for all of us for five years! AFMC taught us everything we need to know about Medicine and how to be the best clinician in any circumstances to help others every which way we could!

Armed Forces Medical College, set up in 1948, amalgamating the different units of the Indian Army Medical Corps has grown to become the premier Medical College in India, recognized worldwide! The great V K Krishna Menon inaugurated the ‘Graduate Wing’ on 4 August 1962, which produced its first batch of graduates in October 1966 and its Post Graduate Wing conducts postgraduate courses in many disciplines. 4 August is celebrated as ‘AFMC Day’ and the Postal Services issued a ‘Postage Stamp displaying three AFMC students, and a First Day Cover’ on this day in 2012, to commemorate the ‘Golden Jubilee’ of this great institution! It was a great achievement for an institution that completed only 50 years of service, acknowledging that 'What can be achieved in 100 years has been achieved by AFMC in 50 years', as this kind of accolade is usually reserved for a Centenary or Bi-Centenary celebration! It was a moment of pride for the students, past and present, and the three wings of the Armed Forces, Army, Navy and the Air Force, of the post-Independent era!

It was not just Medicine that this great Institution taught us, as we grew in stature in etiquette, knowledge about just about everything in this world, opening up the whole world to us, and a never ending quest to learn, making us all great human beings in every aspects of life, aesthetic, humanitarian and above all, how to find time to enjoy life and spread the knowledge we have for the good of others at all times! We all felt a bond that grew stronger as the years passed by and now, we are even closer than ever before, making the time or distance vanish, as the word 'AFMC' is magic! All the inhibitions we felt while we were students appear to have vanished and now the bond we feel for each other is stronger than even a family bond! It may be rather difficult for anyone to comprehend if such a place really exists, but it really does, and that place is 'AFMC, Armed Forces Medical College in Pune' – it was 'Poona' in our times! The word 'AFMC' means a lot of things to us AFMCites, and most of all, that is the great place of honour we pledge our gratitude, for everything that we are today – 'Thank you AFMC' and May You Grow in Stature Ever More!



© E Menon



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