Anti-Braking System (ABS) in India from April 2015.
by Elizabeth Menon

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Anti-Braking System (ABS) in India from April 2015.

India is bringing in a law from April 2015, making it mandatory to have 'ABS' for the commercial vehicles. 'ABS' (Anti-lock Braking System) for the vehicles in India is good, mandatory for all vehicles in most countries in the West, bringing India one step closer to coming in line with the outside world in road safety! But ABS in all vehicles, including cars and autorikshaws would help to bring down the death rate, especially considering the driving habits in India, crossing the roads without caring for the oncoming vehicles or the pedestrians, carrying loads over the allowed limits, ignoring the precautionary measures, etc! Most of he accidents involving the commercial vehicles were due to the vehicles loosing control and skidding, also causing injury to others on the road when sudden brakes are applied in an emergency or on a slippery road -- the ABS allows easy steering, reduces the stopping time and stopping the vehicle without skidding! In vehicles without the ABS, the steering wheel gets locked, the tyres loose the traction and the driver looses all control, but the vehicle still moves due to the inertia of the vehicle causing collision on to the other vehicles or the pedestrians, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities!

But it is not the lack of laws that is the problem in India, as we have laws for just about everything in India! And we have the law for the use of seat belts for the rear passengers in a car since 2002, and has it changed anything? The strict implementation of the rules and information among the public to increase the awareness of the usage of the safety devices and the dangers without them would be a start, in stead of crucifying those who try to implement the existing laws! If a collision occurs even as the car is coming to a stop, even those equipped with ABS, severe injuries or even fatalities can happen if the occupants of the car are not wearing seat belts -- many such incidents have been reported! Airbags, ABS,etc are complementary to the use of seat belts in a collision! We do need good roads, but those who use them need the knowhow -- pedestrians, those travelling in a car, or on two-wheelers, or those driving buses or vans! We need to increase the 'Seal belt wearing rate' as the primary requisite for road safety -- India is at the bottom in an International survey, the developing countries and low income countries follow suit! The road users need to think before saying no to any safety devices! But careful and skilful driving is the key issue at all times, but even a less skilful driver can stop the car without skidding if equipped with ABS!

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