The Most Appalling Statement from the Leader of Samajwadi Party that has Outraged the Country: “Boys are boys they err ...they make mistakes ... they rape … but these 'Poor fellows' shouldn't be hanged”!
by Elizabeth Menon

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The Most Appalling Statement from Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Leader of Samajwadi Party that has Outraged the Country: “Boys are boys they err ...they make mistakes ... they rape … but these 'Poor fellows' shouldn't be hanged”!

One would think that the person who made this statement is a mad man, but how would one take it if this was said while addressing an election rally by a person who was the three-times Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a member of the Loksabha twice and a former Union Minister?! I would put the blame on the people who elected him and now, I would urge those people to use their wisdom to take away all the recognition they have given him! Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Samajwadi Party have achieved a 'Negative publicity' over this dismaying statement, making their existence known among those who didn't know of them!

A statement from the leader of a party at a time when the whole country is agonising over the rapes, gang-rape, and the lack of protection of the women and children, is adding insult to injury! He was referring to the three men in the gang-rape in Bombay, who were sentenced to death by hanging – he defended those committing rape and spoke against the Capital punishment for these men who committed the brutal crime! By saying, “Boys are boys ... they err ...they make mistakes ... they rape”, he is not just making a criminal attack against the Judicial system of India and insulting womanhood, but he is insulting the very core of all men, young and old! Yadav declared that his government would change the law against those who commit 'Rape', in their favour, if his party is elected! One can only hope that the sensible people of Uttar Pradesh would use their intelligence to elect only those who deserve their trust – this applies to all those who cast their votes in the election, as once elected, they have the power to change the rules that could be detrimental!

I support those who demand Mulayam Singh Yadav's arrest and a jail sentence for making this vitriolic statement that is insulting the 'Law of the country' and 'Women all around the world', and not forgetting the insult he has thrown at the men too! His statement justifies those vicious criminals committing gang-rape and also promotes such criminal offences among young men! What is the point in having a Judicial System in the country, if people who call themselves 'Leaders of a Party' make such alarming statements?! The people who elect men like this need to have a rethink, and use the God-given wisdom, not to elect such people who have no values! One wouldn't be surprised if the women in India, and the men too, the men who love the 'Women' in their lives, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, etc, decide to take it up and make a 'Citizens' arrest', as I feel that Yadav has crossed the limit this time!

11 April 2014: Update on the above:

Are these people from a different planet or are they barking mad?!

Now, another leader of the Samajwadi party, Abu Azmi has spoken to show the 'Wisdom' of their party! Even people in a Mental Asylum would have more sense than say that the 'Rape victims' also should be given 'Capital punishment' -- by saying this, this leader of the Samajwadi party is going against what his equally deranged party leader Yadav said: "The poor men who rape don't deserve Capital punishment"! Are these people from a different planet or are they barking mad?! Does this 'Individual' know the meaning of 'Rape'? 'Rape' is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as 'The crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will" -- one is a 'Rapist', the criminal, and the other, the 'Victim', and it would be something new in the Judicial System that the poor victims also are punished in a 'Rape case'!

We do not live in the Stone-ages, but even then there wouldn't have been this kind of barbaric suggestions! And these are the people who are standing for election and then to be the 'Law-makers'! I think it's about time we have a law against this type of Politicians who make alarming and barbaric statements like this -- 'The Gagging Law' to stop them from speaking in public!


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