A Day to Celebrate Mothers: Mother's Day or the 'Mothering Sunday!
by Elizabeth Menon

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A Day to Celebrate Mothers: Mother's Day or the 'Mothering Sunday!

It is the 4th Sunday during Lent and it is celebrated as 'Mother's Day' in the UK!

Wishing 'Happy Mother's Day' to all those Mothers, who are celebrating with their family, and to those who are alone on this day, but with abundance of love in their hearts for their far away children! 'Mothering Sunday' in the UK is the 4th Sunday during Lent, or the Sunday three weeks before Easter, and it is celebrated as 'Mother's Day'! Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world, mostly in April-May. Legend has it that the servants were given the Sunday 'Off' during Lent to visit their Mothers and this day came to be remembered as 'Mothering Sunday'!

The fasting during lent is relaxed on this day! Simnel cake is associated with this day, which is a light fruit cake with two layers of almond paste or marzipan, one in the middle and one on top, that is toasted, and eaten during the Easter period in the United Kingdom, Ireland and some other countries. It's also tradition to decorate the top layer with eleven or twelve marzipan balls, representing the eleven Apostles excluding Judas, or Jesus and the eleven Apostles! Cards and flowers are traditionally given as gifts. This is the day to pamper all Mothers, which starts with 'Breakfast in Bed', for the lucky ones, followed by special meals prepared by one's children! I only hope that the love shown on this day is only a reflection of the love that the children have for their parents at all times!

Happy Mother's Day!

© E Menon



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