Birthday Wishes to Sreekumaran Thampi!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Birthday Wishes to Sreekumaran Thampi, and wishes for many more years of creativity with words that dance at his fingertips!

Sreekumaran Thampi, the one who Makes you feel the power of words and love, celebrates his Birthday today, 16 March! He has this power over the words, to make them do what he wishes them to do, almost wishing the reader or listener to accept melancholy as a pleasurable experience to be endured, only to emerge with renewed vigour and happiness! Pain and pleasure ooze out of every word making his songs and poems more beautiful, as pleasure is another facet of melancholy; songs such as ‘Pottikkaranjukontomane, Sukhamevite Dukhamevite, Akale ninnu njaan, Innu Nin Kannuneeril, Swantamenna padathinentartham, Ee loka golathin, Sukhamoru bindu, Enthinenne Vilichu Nee, Paataatha Veenayum Paatum, Chirikkumpol koote chirikkan, Dukhame ninakku Pularkaala Vandanam, etc. are examples!

His exquisite words can convey pain and pleasure, even when he writes about love, longing, laughter, loneliness or ecstasy! And I would say, 'Sreekumaran Thampi has joined the elite club that has John Keats', and I feel that this is better than any of the awards that can be bestowed on him; and he has the people’s award that has its weight in gold, for every song or poem he writes, which has more credibility than the formal ones! It is unpardonable that he has never been chosen for the Sahithya Academy accolade, in spite of all his literary work, which makes one question the integrity of these awards!

A Lyricist (3500 songs, covering 263 films!); Poet: seven books of compilation of his poems, 'Ammaykkoru Thaaraattu (Odakkuzhal Award for poetry in 2009, Asan Smaraka Kavitha Award for 2012), Achante Chumbanam (Revathi Pattathanam Krishna Geethi Award in 2003; Pravasi Kairali Literary Award in 2004), 'Omanayute Oru Divasam' (Sree Padmanabha Swamy Award for the Best Children's book), ‘Sheershakamillatha Kavithakal’ (Muloor Poetry Award in 2005), ‘Engineerute Veena’, ‘Neelathaamara’ and ‘En Makan Karayumpol’; Novelist: Four novels, ‘Kaakkathampuraatti, Kuttanadu’, ‘Njaanoru Kathaparayaam’ and ‘Karayum Karalum’; part-Autobiographical book (Aatmakathayile Penmanassukal); 'Prem Nazir' Enna Premagaanam, a book on Prem Nazir; 'Kanakkum Kavithayum', the book on the history and technique of Cinema that won the National award ('Golden Globe'), Compilation of 1001 Film songs ('Hridaya Sarass'); Music Director (‘Bandhukkal Shathrukkal’), Film director (29 films), Film producer (22 films), Story and Screenplay for films (78 films), Story and direction of Serials for the Mini-screens, etc.

Malayaalees are celebrating Sreekumaran Thampi’s come back with open arms, because all these years they have been pining for his songs, and although there were around 3500 songs and many poems of Sreekumaran Thampi to feast on, they want more from their Prince, as they know that he has an infinite supply of beautiful words that flow straight from his heart, that can pull on their heart strings, gliding them to ecstasy! One hopes that Sreekumaran Thampi, the Prince of Malayalam Cinema, the one who knows the language of love, is given the recognition that he deserves. I wish him happiness and triumph over adversities from now on with a smooth path in front of him laced with rose petals and the whisper of love caressing him in the gentle breeze that says, “Let the music of love play on”.

"Happy Birthday"!

Few songs by SKT:

1. SKT's Birthday is not complete without this beauty that is dripping in 'Melted chocolate and cream with a hint of untouched honey', and this is a dedication for all those who have 'Love' in their hearts!! Many Happy Returns to the Magician of Words! "Mutippookkal Vaatiyaalenthomane...":

2. ''Ilangippoomanamozhuki varunnu..'' from SKT's fingertips!

3."Ushasso Sandhyayo sundari...":
Most seductive words of SKT and the alluring voice of Yesudas, from the film 'Sumangali' (1971) and music by RK Sekhar! (Stage actor, Varghese Kaattipparampu and Saraswathi in the visuals!) "
ഉഷസ്സോ സന്ധ്യയോ സുന്ദരി
ഓമനേ നീയുണരുമ്പോഴോ
ഉറങ്ങുമ്പോഴോ സുന്ദരി....?
ഉഷസ്സോ സന്ധ്യയോ സുന്ദരി...

പനിനീർപ്പൂവോ പവിഴാധരമോ
പരിമളം ആദ്യം കവർന്നെടുത്തു..
അംബര മുകിലോ അമ്പിളി ക്കുടമോ
നിൻ കവിളോ ആദ്യം തുടുത്തു.....
പറയുമോ മനോഹരീ.....മനോഹരീ ....
( ഉഷസ്സോ സന്ധ്യയോ സുന്ദരി......)

ചന്ദന മുളയോ ചന്ദ്രികത്തെളിയോ
തെന്നലോ മെയ്യിനു കുളിരേകി...
വെണ്ണനെയ്യമൃതോ കണ്ണൻറെ വിരുതോ
നിന്നുട ലീ വിധം മൃദുവാക്കി....
പറയുമോ മനോഹരീ മനോഹരീ
( ഉഷസ്സോ സന്ധ്യയോ സുന്ദരി ....? )

© E Menon



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