A beautiful face is 'Beautiful', with or without makeup: Rekha proves it!!
by Elizabeth Menon

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A beautiful face is 'Beautiful', with or without makeup: Rekha proves it!!

The dictum that says, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" is true, but when one is talking about 'Rekha', Bhanurekha Ganesan, daughter of Pushpavally and Gemini Ganesan, beauty is there for everyone to see!

People have been talking about Rekha appearing in public without makeup and I thought of writing this when I read the news! She is still the most beautiful woman, the looks and the most seductive voice that surpasses everything else! It does not make any difference whether she has a made up face or not -- it just shows her confidence! A face that can sell magazines or the viewing rates to rocket sky-high for the visual media! We just adore her and she still has the power to stop conversation if she walked into a room! Her face in 'Silsila' is still what dreams are made of, and it will remain so for eternity!!

She has captivated the entire nation by her beauty, inimitable acting, her presence and her most seductive voice! I still remember her spectacular acting in 'Silsila, Umrao Jaan, Khoon Bharee Mang, Muqqaddar ka Sikhander, Do Anjaane, Suhaag, Mr Natwarlal, and many more! She has given a great performance in 'Zubeiida', and in Parineetha, though it was a small role! She could bring out the best in any actor who shared the silver screen with her, but the onscreen chemistry between Amitab Bachan and Rekha was what dreams were made of! Rekha is the most beautiful woman, and it has been said by a photographer that one cannot get a bad picture of Rekha because she looks beautiful which ever angle you look at her! It's always a pleasure just to see her face and I remember seeing her photo in a newspaper after a great function in Bombay and the face the newspapers decided to print was a 'Face' from the audience, and I am sure you have guessed it - it was the most beautiful face of Rekha that warmed up everyone's morning! I only hope she acts in many more movies, as we all miss her!

© E Menon



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