Mohanlal at JB Junction!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Mohanlal at JB Junction!

I just watched a beautiful interview at 'JB Junction' on Kairali TV, an interview where the host and the guest were most relaxed, and sheer delight to the audience in the studio, and I am sure to the millions of viewers at home! If you still haven't guessed -- the charismatic host, John Brittas was conversing with the ever so popular, Mohanlal, the 'Darling' of Malayaalees! I wouldn't call it an interview, as it was far from it, but a delightful chit-chat with a few celebrities thrown in by video-link!

Mohanlal was of course at his best and most natural, winning over his audience! And if he didn't already have everyone in the palm of his hands, he surely did, at the end of the interview, especially when he said, "Anyone can stop loving me at any time, but there is nothing stopping me from loving everyone”, with that 'Famous smile' lingering on his face ! And if that didn't do it, crooning his song, "Aattumanal paayayil..." from the film, 'Run Baby Run' would definitely have
done it!

Of course, John Brittas was at his best, showing the newcomers how to conduct an interview and win an audience, perhaps it had something to do with the one sitting in front of him --Mohanlal! A 'Must watch' for all Malayaalees and all those who have heard the name, 'Mohanlal or 'Laalettan'!

© E Menon



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