Review of Malayalam Film, 'Drishyam'!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Review of 'Drishyam'!

I saw 'Dryshyam' tonight and it was a 'Georgekutty Film' to the end! Jeethu Joseph has shown excellent Directorial skills, keeping the audience glued to their seats! There is no 'Mohanlal' on the screen, but only 'Georgekutty', showing the ability of the great actor to merge into the character he is playing!

I am glad that Jeethu Joseph has made this film around a social issue that is eating into the morality of our people, especially the misuse of mobile phones and the shameful behaviour of our youngsters, destroying families! As we do not live in an ideal world we must do all we can to protect our babies and children, and it is our duty to make our objection known at various levels, and the young director has just done that! And Mohanlal has taken it to its zenith by his exemplary performance, with challenging performances from Meena and the two brilliant girls, Esther and Ansiba; Asha Sarath and Siddique! The director has succeeded in bringing the turmoil and devastation caused by the lewd act of a youngster, the son of an IPS officer, acted brilliantly by Asha Sharat!

Kalabhavan Shajon showed great promise as the would be Villain in our films! The two young girls were splendid, especially, Esther! But I wonder if so much of brutal violence towards the children was necessary! For a miser, Georgekutty wore some beautiful designer shirts! The cinematography by Sujith Vaasudev brought out the sheer beauty of our country side and the rendering by Vijay Yesudas and Najim Arshad complemented the film at the right moments! I must congratulate the costume designer, especially for the beautiful shirts worn by Mohanlal, and Asha Sarath's dresses! The director, Jeethu Joseph deserves credit for this brilliant film and for the choice of a thought provoking and innocently deceptive title, 'Drishyam'! A must watch for all, and sheer pleasure to witness the effortless acting by Mohanlal!

© E Menon



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