Panmana Ramachandran Nair receives this year's 'S Gupthan Nair Award'!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Panmana Ramachandran Nair receives this year's 'S Gupthan Nair Award'!

Prof. Panmana Ramachandran Nair deserves this and much more - even the highest honour would be less in his case, but the perfect choice to receive such a prestigious award! It's only just that we think of 'Prof. S Gupthan Nair', who was a multifaceted genius, Writer, Scholar, Critic, Head of the Malayalam Department, Great Orator, Chairman of Sahythya Academy, winner of all the major awards for literature, and the author of 35 books -- this award was established in his name in 2007 following his demise, the year before. It's sheer pleasure to read an essay written by Prof. Gupthan Nair, as words dance at his fingertips, and I feel honoured every time I read one of his classics, as I can almost see words dancing in front of me!

I always felt that it should be mandatory that all Malayaalees read Panmana Ramachandran Nair's books, as they teach us Malayalam as it should be -- how to say or write Malayalam, the right way! I think his way is the right way, and I treasure his books in my collection with pride -- 'Thettillaatha Malayalam, Thettillaatha Uchaaranam, Shudha Malayalam, etc! Learning Grammar is tedious at the best of times, but when Prof. Panmana Ramachandran Nair teaches you the Language and its Grammar, he takes you to a beautiful world and boredom is thrown out of the window! He has also written other books: Bhaashaa shudhi -Samshaya parihaarangal, Katha Patanangal, Kavitha Patanangal, Nadaka Patanangal, Novel Patanangal, Paristhithi Patanangal, C V Patanangal, Kunchan Patanangal, Smrithi rekhakal, Oonjaal, etc.

He tells you in one of his books, "It's the responsibility of those who know the language, to correct those who don't"! I felt as if I was given the moral backing to do so, if I had the misfortune to witness someone murdering a language, Malayalam, English or any other language I knew -- I never had the guts to even think of correcting someone, but I took courage from the Professor and learned to do it, in a very subtle way, I hope! He is an inspiration to people in many walks of life, as he can bring out the beauty in our language by the clever and of course, the correct usage of words, be it teaching in Schools and Colleges, advertising, film or book titles!

I don't think he is given the recognition that he deserves and I hope his name is in the President's Honour's List for the Republic Day on the 26 January!

© E Menon



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