Veteran Actor Madhu (Madhavan Nair) bids farewell to his wife, Jayalakshmy
by Elizabeth Menon

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Veteran Actor Madhu (Madhavan Nair) bids farewell to his wife, Jayalakshmy

My thoughts and prayers are with Madhu, who bid farewell to his darling wife, Jayalakshmy. Actor Madhu has a special place in our hearts, since the days of the film 'Chemmeen', the first South Indian film to win the Indian President's Gold medal for the Nation's Best Film in 1965, and I am sure Malayaalees would share his pain and pray for Jayalakshmy's soul. I remember him saying that his wife is everything to him, when he was addressing an audience in London. He said "My whole world is my 'Thankam', and her place is very next to my Mother"! He expressed his everlasting love for the two women in his life, his Mother and his 'Darling Thankam", to the delight of the audience! He was very humble to receive the 'Padmasree' from the Indian President last year, which should have been bestowed on him many years ago! I pray that God gives Madhu the strength to bear the pain of loosing his beloved wife, Jayalakshmy, and my thoughts are with him, their daughter, Uma and the other family members.

May her soul rest in Peace!

© E Menon



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