'MANGALYAAN', Taking India To The Mars And Beyond!
by Elizabeth Menon

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'MANGALYAAN', Taking India To The Mars And Beyond!

Congratulations to all our experts at the ISRO at Sriharikkota and at Thumba in Trivandrum! They have done our Nation proud by launching India's Maiden Unmanned Spacecraft, PSLV C-25, to the Mar's orbit and joining the most exclusive Club! The Launching Mission was successfully completed at 1438 hours (IST) on Tuesday 5 November. The spacecraft will be in an elliptical orbit around the earth for 20-25 days and then a nine month's journey to reach the Mar's elliptical orbit by 24 September 2014.

There are few Malayaalees among the experts involved in this Mission, including the Chairman at Sriharikkotta ISRO, Mr K Radhakrishnan! Many parts of the Spacecraft were built at the Thumba ISRO, even making it much cheaper to build than any other similar spacecrafts! The purpose of the mission is to measure the Deuterium (Isotope of Hydrogen), Hydrogen and Methane gases, and to study the structure of Mars.

Our Nuclear journey started in 1974, with the blessings of Mrs Indira Gandhi when 'Budha Smiled in Pokhran', and then 'Budhapournamy in 1998', which were followed by many such Missions. The nuclear test in 1998 was probably a protest against hypocrisy and ‘Nuclear discrimination’ , and to restore our Nation’s pride. There are some who say that India should not be spending money on Spacecrafts and Nuclear Missions when we have millions of people below the poverty line, but it's important to understand that our Nation has to be in the frontline of technology and education for the betterment of our People!


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