Misinterpretation and its damage!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Misinterpretation and its damage!

I support women and children and express my views for justice, campaigning for all the victims in our society to increase awareness among the public, as I feel it's my duty as a law abiding citizen! I have written articles for justice in the case of the girl in Surianalle, the victims in Delhi and similar cases! But I am deeply distressed reading about an incident that has happened in Kerala! It concerns an actress, Shwetha Menon and a politician attending a function. I have seen the video clip repeatedly and all I could see was an elderly man trying to steer a woman in a big crowd! It was very crowded and there was nothing in any of the faces or body language to indicate that anything inappropriate happened! I feel sad that a situation like this is misinterpreted in such a way that an elderly Politician is forced to apologise for something he has done in good faith -- it looked like a 'Father figure steering a daughter figure' in a crowded place!

I am all for women and children protecting themselves and reciprocating if they are harassed sexually or otherwise, but a situation like this is totally unacceptable -- it may be very difficult for him to live with such an appalling accusation, especially for someone who has lived a life of decency all his life. I think she should make a public apology for reacting the way she did, but just withdrawing the case is not enough! I am afraid, this incident would be used against the future victims of genuine assaults to destroy their credibility. I apologise if I ruffle anyone's feathers, but I feel that women must take up this so that a gentle act like this in good faith is not misinterpreted, as it should not happen again. There are so many victims in Kerala waiting for justice and the various faculties and the Politicians should spend their time for the genuine cases like the poor girl in Surianalle!

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I agree completely with you. If she had any problem with him ,why didn't she react at that time?Like somebody commented on TV ,she should have given a push at that time.
11/05/2013 - 06:44
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