A Young 'Surianalle School Girl' becomes Synonym to Surianalle!
by Elizabeth Menon by Elizabeth Menon

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A Young 'Surianalle School Girl' becomes Synonym to Surianalle!

A 16 year old girl from Surianalle in Idukki District in Kerala was brutally gang-raped 17 years ago and a group of 42 men were accused of brutally raping this young girl for 45 days, keeping her in captivity! She was then released by these perpetrators after giving her strict instructions to keep quiet about her captivity and the gang-rape. One must remember here that this poor School girl was only sixteen at the time, who hailed from a small village in Idukki District and was shattered by the terrible savage attack that went on for 45 days! It's not just the young girl's life that was destroyed, but the whole family has been suffering, while these brutal savages are free, perhaps looking for other innocent victims to quench their carnal instincts! This poor girl has given the same statement repeatedly over the past 17 years and it's rather difficult to comprehend why the authorities choose to ignore it -- the fact that one of the accused being a high ranking Politician, whom she recognised from a photograph, may have something to do with it!!

I hope justice is done even at this late stage and all those who raped this girl are punished severely, which should have been done 17 years ago! It's about time that the criminals are punished irrespective of their social or political standing! The punishment must be so severe that men like them should never do a brutal act like this again or treat women and children like sex objects. Men who visit brothels and those who use escort services must look into their soul and realise that they too have sisters, friends, mothers, daughters or wives who could be in the same predicament at any time!

My thoughts are with the family, and if they see this message, please know that I have been trying to contact them, just to let them know that we are behind them in this. I have fond memories of a quaint little village, Surianalle and all those I worked with, many years ago! I hope this family and all the other victims get justice from the Indian Judicial System!

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I wonder why this horrific case is not creating a national uproar and rage like the Delhi incident when there are so many parallels in the two cases . Is it because of involvement of a senior politician in one case and that of underprivileged boys from the lowest rung of society in other . The nation salutes these two brave hearts and I want their fight to end with logical conclusion supported by every proud Indian .
02/15/2013 - 23:49
Col ( Retd ) Vijayveer Painoli
02/16/2013 - 15:26
Col ( Retd ) Vijayveer Painoli
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