Congratulations to the Indian Team for winning the Cricket World Cup 2011!
by Elizabeth Menon

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Congratulations to the Indian Team for winning the Cricket World Cup 2011!

A well-deserved win and we are proud of each one of you in the team!

Indians all over the globe stood behind you praying and sending telepathic boost all through the match! We have waited for 28 years for this glittering moment, and I watched the magic ‘Sixer’ off Dhoni’s swing with tears of sheer bliss streaming down my face and I am quite certain that I was not alone in doing so at that emotional moment in history! Captain of the Indian team, M S Dhoni and his Crew, proved beyond any doubt that they are the ‘Best in the World of Cricket’, both in batting and fielding!

I wish to congratulate the Sri Lankan team for a breathtaking performance -- their batting was electrifying, and a fielding to match! I would say that the Sri Lankan team equally deserved that glittering cup -- but the Indian team had an extra edge today, and I feel proud!

It was a long and challenging journey reaching the 2011 World Cup Final, but a very loyal and proud nation stood guard at every step of the way! The Quarter Final and the Semi final matches were of such high caliber that the audience almost believed that they were witnessing the finals! Both teams had excellent players in batting and fielding, raising expectations of the spectators on both sides. India had a tough act to follow after the brilliant batting of the Sri Lankan team – 274 for 7! Jayavardhane’s century was not equaled by anyone on either side, though ‘Gautham Gambhir’s 97’ and MS Dhoni’s ’91, not out’, almost made it close!

It was a mammoth task to take the score from ’31 for two’, after loosing the two great players, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sewag, to the magnificent ’277 for four’ with Dhoni at 91 and Yuvraj Singh at 21, not out. It was the brilliance of Gautham Gambhir that started the enviable journey to the supreme level on top of the World, with Captain Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh and all the other members joining in on the big day, and of course, Sachin Tendulkar who carried the hopes of the nation for the last 21 years and Virender Sewag who has been masterful all through the World Cup. The last ball of the day and the ‘Magical Sixer’ off our Captain Dhoni was pure heaven that turned the ‘Twenty eight years’ of longing of a Nation to sheer ecstasy!


© E Menon



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