August 2002: Formula-1 Motor racing
by Elizabeth Menon

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Itís the week that the giants of Formula-1 Motor racing, Ferrari and their drivers were fined one million dollars! Ruben Barichello was given the orders to move over, to let Michael Schumacher win the Austrian Grand prix. One should realise that Michael would have easily won the race if Grand prix was an individual sport and each driver was competing against each other. Michael and Ruben Barichello were not racing against each other, but they belonged to a team racing against the other teams.

Itís a shame that people forget that Grand prix racing is a team sport, where the drivers of each team compete to get maximum championship points for the team and for themselves. The best driver of each team is designated as Ďthe number one driverí and the other is given the second slot. Each teamís target would be to win as many championship points even in the early races, as ĎFormula-1í is highly unpredictable. The best chance for any team to win the championship is to let their Ďnumber one driverí win the races. If they are fortunate enough to have both their drivers leading the race, the team has or should have the choice to decide on the winner, as itís a Ďteam sportí.

It is not often that one sees two cars of the same colour leading the race. Itís something that most teams can only dream of, to be in that predicament; one is lucky if at least one driver gets to lead the race! Each team spend millions of pounds with the aim of winning the championship for the team and the driver and surely, that goal would be closer, if one driver gets the maximum wins.

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